A Short Sad Story

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A Short Sad Story Empty A Short Sad Story

Post  GenevieG on Thu May 27, 2010 1:53 pm

Girls Can Break Hearts Too

She Pause's As she Applies her Mascara For the Second Time That Day. The First Was Smudged Because She Cried Alot And Thought to her self * Was it my Fault? *

[./* it was a few days ago Before their One Year Anniversary*\]]

iends we're bragging about How great being Single was...
She Thought for A second maybe she missed it a bit...but then she remembered the days how much she loved him and forgot about it
but then she kept on thinking about it more and more about it and within time she became unhappy and slowly she fell out of love within
And so on their anniversary Instead of meeting up like they planned she rang him (
Like Break up or something) And Finished it

[color=blue]As he couldn't breath he didn't Understand what had change after that they didnt speak but she was never off his mind shame it wasnt the same the other way around She didnt care about anymore she was off out enjoying the single life...As the boy went out for a fresh air he saw her loved one kissing another guy...As he was crying alot he wrote a letter and wrote the girl's adress He took out a knife and put it at his heart so that he cannot feel any pain and can't feel his feelings for her...The other day a newspaper wroted " A 15 Year old boy commited suicide because of heartbreak"....
She pause's As she applies her mascara for the second time that day. The first smudged from all the crying she thinks to herself * Was it my fault? * As she was getting ready for the funeral a letter was sent to her house. She opened it and read it and it said " I told you I love You Many times But you didnt take it Seriously" She She said it at her speech for the funeral and added " I really Love You!!" " Im Sorrrrrrry!!!" But she thought he will never come back again...She said Sorry Again and screamed She went to the coffin putted the letter at the lower part and said a Last Goodbye to Him........

- Not Every Guy Break Hearts To a Girl. Even a girl breaks heart too...Guys has feelings too...
- Love Hurts
The End D:

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A Short Sad Story Empty Re: A Short Sad Story

Post  rOckpRiNEsS on Thu May 27, 2010 8:58 pm

Aw ):
I think I learned my lesson, LMAO
thanks for sharing this awesome story you got here \m/


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