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Post  Somethingg on Sun May 30, 2010 10:41 pm

this is my first love storyand it is in english Very Happy

Love Me Like a Week Ago

You see, I have a best friend. His name is Kyle Cooke. He has the most oddly shining brown eyes and perfect medium length hair. His height is perfect for hugging, only a couple of inches under six feet. He has the sweetest smile and just a small beard on his chin. Bah...

And I love him, if you can't already tell. Loved him for ages now, it seems like. Or perhaps a few months. Not long after we first became friends, I suppose. I can hardly remember when I first started to feel like this for him, though.

When I first saw him in that first class of mythology, I thought nothing of it. I saw him as the guy that was friendly, always surrounded by friends, and always smiling. I never thought he would come over and sit right in front of me, the quiet girl who sat in the back corner of class, away from every other possible person. I was quiet and shy. However, I'd made a name for myself in that class. I was Linda, the thespian, the girl who loved to cook food for the class, and had all the answers. I prefered to be quiet. But there were good people. The teacher was always pushing us to look for answers. In skits, I would always be pushed to chip in and act as I so loved to do. People would come to me for help. They came to me.

Kyle would later say that he didn't come to me, even though he was the one who sat in front of me without a word. He would say that I was the one who spoke to him first, since he only talks to people to speak to him first. I remember my reaction to him sitting in front of me as well. I remember thinking of him as the odd boy who had complimented my acting in our skit, when my hair had still been messy from pulling out the braids. I remembered him as the guy always surrounded by people, or always in crowds of other people. So I merely said, "Why are you sitting here?"

I don't remember his response. I only remember that from that day on, he'd always come and sit right in front of me, even if it was only for ten minutes a day. I slowly found out about things that we had in common with each other. However, it was near the end of the semester. The class would end in December. I'd never see him again. However, I gave one silly promise.

That I'd lend him a funny movie if we ever had a class together again. I suppose that bound us together, as friends, forever.

Only two weeks later, right after winter break, I walked into my second period class. US History. I let out a sigh and remembered my previous history classes. Having to work in teams, and never being able to quite fit in with everyone else. I wished for my old Mythology class, with all the familiar people and fun times. I walked over to the back corner of class and sat, hoping that no one would sit with me.

My wish was not fulfilled, as someone with a familiar bag and black hair sat in front of me. "Lin! Ohmygosh, I can't believe we have another class together!" I could only stare up at Kyle, who had apparently decided to sit right in front of me. I finally gave a meek smile and talked to him a little, before he turned to another girl in front of him that he apparently knew and talked to her about the winter break.

I had been nervous. That made me feel better. One friend, even though he'd probably prefer to stick to other people. It seemed obvious that he was popular, or at least well-liked. Most likely dating someone, too.

From there, our friendship took off. I lent him movies, games, and manga. He returned the favor with what little he had, which still made me happy. I found more about how much we had in common. The love of just about anything japanese, games, stories, and life in general were our discussion topics. It was wonderful. He gave me a small stuffed bear for Valentine's Day, the first present that I'd ever received on that day. I cherished it.

I suppose that was around the time where I first realized I had feelings for him, but I tried to push them away. There was no way he'd like me in such a way. I knew that he was giving presents to some other girls as well. He was being kind, since I had said I'd never had a teddy bear before. That was it, was all I could think for myself.

On my 17th birthday, he gave me a sketchbook, which I also cherished. My parents hadn't had much money that year for presents. I could only thank him, wishing that I could do more. I kept badgering him, trying to convince Kyle to let me do something that would let me pay him back. He said that he only wanted hugs. I refused at first, hating physical contact, but I finally let him, since I did want to pay him back. After a short time, I started to like the hugs.

The first time we ever went out somewhere was in March, in the middle of it. We simply went to the mall. I was falling for him by then, but so many people told me he was gay, so...I tried to ignore my feelings. I just tried to accept it all as normal. I decided to take his wanting to dress me in cute things as a normal thing that he did with all girls, and his friends confirmed that. I even decided to think it was normal when he kept his arm around my shoulder during the entire time of a movie, and when we sat outside in the cold afterwards, I thought it was normal that he stood behind me, with arms wrapped around me.

I loved him. I loved when he would do that. But I could only say to myself that it was completely and utterly normal.

We would hang out any day he wasn't busy after that, which turned out to be a lot of days. It made me cheerful, and I started to make more friends, come out of my emo-box that kept me from being the true cheerful girl that I really was.

But I still wished that he liked me like I liked him. One day, we walked through the mall, sharing a single milkshake. Another, we sat around and talked for hours. Sometimes, he'd pull me down into his lap. I was always cheerful around him. I loved everything about him, and just wanted to always be his friend. I fell for him more everyday.

Several people would ask if we were dating. Usually, I'd laugh, since I was convinced he'd never love me. Other times, I'd freeze until Kyle would reply with a negatory answer. That was the way things were.

Until one day, one friend pulled me to the side and asked, "Do you like him, deep down?" I told her that I loved him. Unfortunately, this was what brought on my end. And the truth.

After that, I couldn't sleep. In the short hours that I did, Kyle was in my dreams. Otherwise, I was lovesick. I could hardly smile, even around him. Finally, I broke. And that's where the real story begins.

"Kyle, I'm really sad," I said in a soft voice, looking down at the ground.

He immediately stopped his clowing around and sat closer to me. "Lin, you can talk to me."

That was all he needed to say. I often vented to him about things, even though it made me feel bad at times. This time, it just seemed too difficult. I could only put down my head. He hugged me, tried to help. We kept sitting there, until I quietly said, "I'll have to go soon, though."

He only said, "Then talk to me now. We're alone, okay?"

I nodded, agreeing with his logic, but took a deep, shuddering breath. He didn't know what was wrong, couldn't know. Could he? I finally picked up my phone and showed him the short message that I'd saved into it. 'Do you know what it feels like to love someone who you know could never love you back?' I wasn't sure if he had seen it at first, but he quickly replied, "Yes, I do. I'm going through that right now..."

I could only nod back, thinking, 'So he is in love with another girl. I knew it. That's fine...'

He asked only a moment later, "Who is it?"

I let out a weak, sad laugh, wondering why he couldn't tell. I finally just pointed at him.

He didn't seem to understand. I finally whispered, barely audible, "It's you."

Kyle seemed shocked. He only said, "Oh my gosh..."

I couldn't hold in my tears any longer and just began to cry, sobs racking my body. He tried to console me, asking me to please not cry, trying to help. He apparently hadn't known. That surprised me. I'd thought that it was the most obvious thing in the world, but I decided to ignore that thought for the moment.

"I used to have a thing for you actually...but thought that you didn't have an interest in me, so I just...moved on. Give me some time...because I could love you again...I know I can," Kyle whispered. He gave me a tight hug and we sat there in silence for a moment, before my phone rang.

"I have to go," I said sadly, wishing I could stay. I rubbed my wet face, completely covered in tears. "Ah, I'm such a mess." I gave a smile, even though my face was obviously red, and he smiled back. We hugged for a while, and as we walked to my ride home, I told him outright, "I love you."

He replied with a foreign word, which I asked the meaning of. He just said, "I like you."

I smiled. That was good enough for me. For now.

If only all of that hadn't been a lie...


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Post  prolibag* on Mon May 31, 2010 4:06 am


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Post  crazyabby on Mon May 31, 2010 11:53 am

Ang haba mehn. Laughing

Good job! tongue

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Post  stellaa on Mon May 31, 2010 12:46 pm

Awh, Sad touching.

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Post  GoldPrincess on Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:49 am

thank god it's english now, because most of the stories here are in different language.......
nice story, keep it up


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