Opportunity to become a mod!

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Opportunity to become a mod! Empty Opportunity to become a mod!

Post  rOckpRiNEsS on Sat Jun 12, 2010 10:18 am

Hello Each and Everyone!

Me, and xhavierah is needing a moderator/s that would make the forum more alive than ever!..
The reason is, we admins.. are very busy..
xhavierah is going to be really busy this month/year..
and i would be busy this nxt week till the month of July.. due to final exams.

I would be choosing moderators..
they have to be active atleast 6 times a week ..
and if you remember the attendance in Others Thread, i would be choosing that one for tracking the people who had there attendance the most.. (except for admins ofcourse.)

I am looking forward to see who would be the next moderators!
I hope you would cooperate for this ^^

Why be a mod?:
-you get the opportunity to lock/move or delete inappropriate topics or against the rules.
-get your name in a different color
-get to be a boss Wink
-at all the same time, your helping the forum and the admins


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Opportunity to become a mod! Empty Re: Opportunity to become a mod!

Post  Xhavierah on Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:57 am

This is now closed! ( watch out for the next hiring..(: Like a Star @ heaven )

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